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This article will be introduced one of my application on my phone “slowly” and the reasons that I recommend to you.


When is your last time write to a person?


When I was in high school, I used to write via postcrossing. I was looking forward to every postcard from worldwide every week. When I first started my journey of exchanging postcards was I read the English articles when I was in middle school. Also, I collected a lot of postcards from abroad and in the country.

postcrossing帶給我的感動,那種等待信件來臨的期待感可說是難以言喻! 因為不知道即將收到的明信片是來自哪裡,是誰寄給你的。

Postcrossing brought me full of joy, I can’t explain the feeling of waiting for those postcards! Because you won’t know what you are going to receive the postcard and where the postcard from.

關於postcrossing的使用機制,可以上postcrossing的網站查詢(英文說明),這邊就不做贅述。 ( )

About how to use postcrossing, you may go on to the official website on postcrossing. Let me skip this part of the article.

之前,在app store首頁上,我看到介紹slowly的文章,看完介紹後覺得很有興趣,就載來看看了。

Few days before, I saw the article of slowly on the app store today. After reading the article, I felt a huge interest, so I decided to download the app to try it.


After downloading it, you can use social media to log in or use cellphone number. Choose your profile picture (looks like 2D version of Zepeto), editing your language ability and the topic that you are interested. After then, you can start to match to your penpal.

一次配對可以選擇配對1-3個筆友,細項也有一些進階設定可以選擇 (像是有無在48小時內上線, 選擇第1封信的郵票...etc) 像是我會習慣一次配對3位筆友,因為也不知道對方會不會回信XD。之前我剛下載時是24小時內只能配對1次,但現在好像已經拿掉這個限制了。如果你不喜歡這種隨機配對的話,也可以查看清單,看看有沒有跟你合得來的人,再決定寫信給他也可以!

One matchup can choose 1–3 penpal, you can also have some setting to choose ( such as online in 48hrs or not, choose your stamp for your letter) My personal habit is to pair up 3 penpals at once since I don’t know people will reply it or not lol. When I started to use slowly, it only can be paired up to three penpals in 24hrs. However, I think they took off this limit. If you don’t like your pair up, you can go to the list and find if someone really matches you. Then write him or her a letter!

關於筆友配對,可說是有詳細的設定。Btw, 我很喜歡App的介面!

接下來這邊可以看到信件的狀態,可以看到信件是正在寄出、正在收件與最後聯絡時間,介面清楚一面了然。當我們收到信件的時候,可以看到預覽的頁面與特別的郵票。而信件讀取狀態在信件的左上角 (跟whatsapp一樣的勾勾)

You can see the activate of the letters, such as sending, receiving, and the lastest time that you contacted. It’s easy to see in the slowly UX. When we receive the letter, you can see the preview of the letter and the special stamp on it. The status of reading the letter just like WhatsApp.


  1. 選擇郵票: 選擇你想要寄出的郵票

After reading the letter you can choose to reply to the letter. When you into the writing mode, you can see some points:

  1. Choose the stamp: pick the one you want to send to your penpal.


有2種方式可以得到郵票: 達成任務(免費)與購買(付費)

達成任務有一些方式: 像是跟5位不同國家的人成為筆友、或是到達另一個國家等...(這邊就不暴雷了)



In the end, let’s talk about stamps.

You have two ways to get stamps. One is finishing the task (free), and one is to purchase at the store (payment)

There are some ways to get free stamps, such as being a penpal with five different countries or go abroad. (There’re many other ways too!)

If you decided to purchase, you can find a lot of stamps in the stamps store.

There’s the simple introduction of using slowly.

And I will share some thoughts about using slowly.


You can meet people from the part of the world on slowly, and feel free to chat. And you can exchange thoughts and culture.


This is my favorite part and it is my words using slowing for a year.


  1. 興趣: 因為之前使用postcrossing而開始喜歡交筆友,還有我喜歡蒐集郵票。

I use slowly for three reasons:

  1. Interest: I started to make penpals when I started to use postcrossing, so it becomes my interest. Also, I love to collect stamps.


I use the app and met penpal from different part of the world. Overall, I often encounter my penpal disappear, so just feel free to use anyway. Now, I contact with my penpal is already been over six months!


  1. 想要體驗老派認識朋友的方式的人

Finally come to the end of the article, I would like to recommend slowly to these kinds of people:

  1. Who wants to meet new friends by old-fashion way

以上就是關於slowly使用上的方法與心得,若有任何想法交流歡迎來信 或是我的slowly: 4YLQER


That’s all for today’s article if you have any ideas want to exchange you are welcome to sent me an email via or on slowly. My slowly ID is 4YLQER.

See you in the next article!

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